Mac & Linux

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NetSupport School provides support for Mac and Linux computers (both Tutor and Students) with its sister product, NetSupport Assist. The two solutions are fully compatible. This approach allows for a Mac-only classroom, or for a Windows Tutor to connect to Mac students or vice versa.

NeSupport School - Mac & Linux feature Manage

NetSupport provides the tools a Mac OS teacher needs to centrally manage machines within their classroom – at the start, during and after a lesson:

  • Power on or off all classroom computers from the teacher’s computer.
  • Find out exactly who is in your class using the Student Register feature: request standard and custom information from each student at the start of class.
  • Use thumbnail layouts so the teacher machine represents the layout of the physical classroom.
  • Blank student screens to gain attention.
  • Lock one or many students’ keyboards and mice when instructing.
  • Automatically reboot and reconnect to student PCs.
  • Perform a remote log off on all machines.

NeSupport School - Mac & Linux feature Instruct and Collaborate

Maintain a focused and engaging learning environment with NetSupport real-time presentation and collaboration tools:

  • Transfer files to and from a selected PC in a single action using a drag and drop interface.
  • Hand out and automatically collect files with each student’s details appended.
  • Avoid the need for expensive display equipment and ensure student focus during a presentation. The Show feature lets the teacher show their screen to all or selected student screens.
  • Deliver your presentations optimized for wireless networks.
  • Open a discussion / chat session that all or selected students can join, enter their comments and share with the rest of the class.
  • Use the Message option to send important lesson information or alerts to all or selected student machines. Decide how long the message should be displayed.
  • Find out if your students have understood the content covered during the lesson by conducting an instant survey. Send a custom question along with pre-defined or custom responses to all or selected students. Instantly see all responses and a summary for the class.

NeSupport School - Mac & Linux feature Monitoring and Control

Ensure your classroom technology is being used for appropriate lesson-related research!

  • Monitor the entire class in a single view. Real-time and scalable thumbnails of each student desktop give you an instant view of what each student is currently doing.
  • Optimize network performance by increasing or decreasing the thumbnail refresh rate.
  • Zoom in for an optimized high-definition view of an individual desktop.
  • Overlay additional information to highlight the active application or active website.*
  • Switch from Thumbnail to Detailed View for a more in-depth list of the applications and websites currently in use across the class.*
  • With a single click you can block the internet if inappropriate sites are being accessed or simply to stop students being distracted during a presentation.

* Active website details are only supported on the Mac platform. The Remote Control option can be used to view actual desktop activity.

NeSupport School - Mac & Linux feature Remote Control

Remotely view an individual student’s screen to provide direct and discreet 1:1 support:

  • Choice of remote control modes allows you to share control of or discreetly watch the selected student’s workstation.
  • Screen Capture feature enables the teacher to take a snapshot of the currently viewed student screen, saving the image in a file for later review along with the machine and student details.

NeSupport School - Mac & Linux feature Wired and Wireless Support

NetSupport Assist is fully optimized for use with both wired and wireless networks. The philosophy for managing computers in a wireless environment is to maximize performance without compromising the network or the devices servicing it.

With that in mind, NetSupport Assist provides a specific low-bandwidth mode that allows data throughput to be matched to the wireless network and access point speeds when performing a real-time show to a class.

NeSupport School - Mac & Linux feature Connectivity

Delivering secure connectivity with student machines across both wired and wireless networks, NetSupport Assist can be easily configured to locate 'students’ wherever they may be and without compromising network performance:

  • Flexible range of options for connecting to the required student machines: assign machines to a designated room; or, dependent on the naming convention used for your machines, a fixed list of machines or match by partial machine name.
  • Low Bandwidth Mode available for network environments where low data usage is a priority. Ideal for optimizing wireless network performance.