NetSupport School is used throughout educational establishments across the globe. With the level of desktop control and management available within the product, protecting its configuration and use is key to delivering the best possible standard of instruction, without the fear that the technology is open to abuse.

NetSupport School features a wealth of security features to ensure its correct and authorised use:

  • Apply a unique “security key” to make your copy of NetSupport School incompatible with other copies of the software. more info
  • Restrict connectivity across the enterprise to only systems carrying a matching software licence.
  • Secure Tutor profiles, each allowing customised levels of functionality as required. more info
  • Use Active Directory profiles to limit which users are able to run the NetSupport School Tutor or Technicians’ software.
  • Use Active Directory profiles to force approved configurations for both Tutor and Client software installations.
  • Control the access to (and use of) portable media devices within the classroom. more info
  • Automatically re-apply a classroom session and restrictions on reboot of a student computer.

The Windows Tech Console (V11+) also allows you to apply security policies. All PCs can be checked against a pre-defined set of policies, instantly identifying any computers that are without, for example, anti-virus, Windows updates or internet protection. In addition, a Policy Management tool allows for NetSupport School restrictions to be defined and applied across the school permanently.

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